I use Rapid Because …

"of the service and expertise offered. I get quality products, sometimes even Brand New for my projects which is excellent from a reliability point of view. And being Regional, I find them very flexible to my needs and I know the money is re-invested into the community"

Lachlan Swann
Department of Main Roads (Roadtek)
Project Engineer

I use Rapid Because…

"They’re reliable. They offer quick service, and nothing is a problem. When I cant source a piece of equipment, they’ll ring around until they find an option. This allows me to get back to what I need to be doing."

Greg Hopkins
Project Superintendant
(utilising Rapid’s services for 8 + years)

I use Rapid Because…

"Their products are very reliable. They offer competitive rates and great service. They always seem to have exactly what we need, and if they don’t, they’ll source it from someone else or just buy it new"

Eddie Wilkinson
Shadforths Civil Engineering
Area Supervisor
(utilising Rapid’s services for 9 years)

I use Rapid Because…

"They’re always available. Day or night, they’re very responsive to your requests. We’ve had emergency jobs/situations and they’re always first to react and source whatever you need.”

Con Modolo
Department of Main Roads
Roadworks Inspector
(utilising Rapid’s services for 8 + years)

I use Rapid Because…

"Service in Rapid is huge. The level is AAA+, they’re always willing to help out and go the extra mile"

Kim Ceeney
Fleet Hire
(utilising Rapid’s services for 4 + years)


Ph: 07 5456 2664